DRAFTFCB Makes Key Senior Digital Hires. Beefs up Digital and Social Media Engagement Offering

DRAFTFCB’s digital arm has made 2 key senior hires in the form of Yoveindra Arumugam and Danny Wong.

Yovein comes on board DRAFTFCB as Head of Digital Operations, while Danny will assume the role of Creative Group Head, Digital. Both have extensive experiences in senior capacity prior to joining DRAFTCB; where Yovein had held the role of General Manager of Shiroku Productions while Danny was formerly Senior Art Director in Agenda.

With these key senior hires, DRAFTFCB and it’s sister company IGNITE hope to strengthen its position as one of the main digital marketing agencies in this space.

DRAFTFCB have been making waves in both digital, integrated and the social media space since the appointment of Noor Ashikin Aziz as General Manager and Executive Creative Director Digital for the group in September last year.

DRAFTFCB was the lead creative agency behind Telekom Malaysia’s Everyone Connects campaign that went viral and voted one of the World’s Top 10 Viral campaign by GoViral.com in November 2009.

“We’ve no doubt that Yovein and Danny will add strength to our digital offerings” said Group C.E.O, T. Renganathan. “As it is, not many agency if at all, can offer the kind of integrated ideas and solutions that we can. And we know that social media seem to be a key play in most brands’ marketing plans. Yovein’s and Danny’s role will be to make sure that we can deliver a total campaign experience. It is no longer enough to espouse digital and social media marketing, agencies must learn to adopt and be strong practitioners of it. We owe it to the brands we work on”.

Noor is also a strong advocate and practitioner of social media engagement, himself running several thought leadership and industry related blogs as well as engaging his key industry followers very regularly on his Twitter and Facebook accounts. “Not many industry leads to this. Most tend to preach and not do, relying instead on freelance consultants”, he added.

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